Liquid Ecstasy

Short Humor

Recently, I was chatting with a girlfriend who wanted to get out of a bad marriage. Her husband is always jealous and accusing her of seeing other men. His rationale is that there are men who love seducing married women. This irritates her to no end.

My reply was that its kinda true but men love women, not just married women. Her take was that even if there is seduction, its normal between men and women. Dangerous girl lol! This is an excerpt of the conversation that cracked me up.

Ecstasy: “Be careful your husband won’t let you go by poking holes in the condom and giving you lots of kids.”

She replied, “I don’t care. I inserted an IUD he will have no chance for the next 5 years. Hahaha.”

“Fuck too much info sis!”

On the bright side if she does have admirers the chosen one will have a spanking good time without having to use a condom 😉 Happy Wednesday!

Quick story: Cute Japanese waitress

Went to eat again at a nice new ramen place I found recently. The waitresses there are nice and friendly, especially one who was a real Japanese and boy is she cute! You don’t get many of those in Singapore.

After eating there a few times and flirting with her, I asked her out for a movie after her shift ended. She changed into a nice translucent tee and short flowy skirt. We ended up at her place making out. I suppose she was horny too as she unzipped my pants the moment we stepped in the door to quickly reveal my hard cock. 

In no time she was stroking and sucking it, making my precum flow freely. What a girl! I would shoot if she continued due to the amazing sudden blowjob and quickly pulled her on top of me. She was already wet by then too and I went in without much difficulty. The sex was hot, dirty and messy as we fucked and kissed with abandon. All too soon, she was moaning and creaming around my cock, grinding on top of me as she came so that my head rubbed against her gspot constantly. That was enough to set me off too and I didn’t hold back, grabbing her waist and cumming deep into her as well. But I pulled out halfway and the rest squirted all over her as she squealed and jerked my cock to make sure everything came out. 

I will certainly be back to eat more ramen there.

I like hot dirty sex like that, do you? Drop a comment or email if you do!

New friends at Raffles Place

As one of the countless corporate drones working around Raffles place, it helps that there are many attractive girls and OLs around. I like to people watch and there are few things like watching beautiful ladies pass by to ease the boredom. One such girl was Chan, a client from an ex company. She was from Thailand, well educated, soft spoken and had a nice smile. After getting to know her, I could guess why Singapore guys like dating or marrying Thai girls but Chan was somewhat different, perhaps she was more localised after working in banking here for some time. 

We met during a roadshow, I love pretty girls who have an interest in finance as sometimes the guys are nasty bastards. In fact during a meeting in my current job, I had to hide a grin when a senior management client said retail consumers are a nasty bunch. I totally agree, Singaporeans are really fuckers, we expect exceptional service while being horrible clients.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before I texted Chan to meet up for lunches or coffee and she slowly opened up in more ways then one. Our lunches ended up getting shorter while the post lunch got hotter. Being familiar with the area, we started having sex in the car, carpark, building stairways or after work if there was no time. Our first time was particularly hot and sweaty, we ended up in the car’s driver’s seat with her dress rumpled up around her waist while I frantically tore her panties aside. In the midst of sloppy french kisses, Chan was panting quick little breaths as my cock slid back and forth against her bare pussy. We knew we didn’t have much time and were in a hurry to satisfy our urges.

“Put it in…hurry…I need to get back to work” Chan gasped as the tip of my cock rubbed upwards against her clit yet again, sending shivers as she hugged me tighter. Her juices had coated me totally and I was enjoying the sensation of her pussy entrance getting wetter by the minute. But it was our first time I and doubted I could last long on top with the public excitement.

Without warning, I placed the tip of my cock at her pussy and pushed inside in one motion. Chan’s eyes widened while she bit me to muffle a scream, I groaned and tried to think of work documents to last longer as it felt too good. I began moving my hips with Chan on top and holding on to my neck, pumping in and out of her in short strokes due to the restricted space.

“Ahh.. your cock is so hard” Chan moaned. If it was even possible, her pussy began to get wetter and started to drip down my crotch as we began fucking in earnest.

I lowered the seat so that she could get more comfortable and Chan collapsed on me while her hips continued grinding against my cock. There was no choice but to finish quickly before someone drove or walked by too and we both knew it. With the new position, I started thrusting into Chan with longer strokes and it wasn’t long before I felt my peak approaching. She was moaning louder now and I was sure the car was rocking so hard somebody would come to investigate too. However, I was determined our first time should end happily and tried to hang in there so we both panted, kissed and fucked like bunnies until she shuddered and clamped around me. Beyond my limit by then as well, I drove my cock deep inside Chan and spurted wave after wave of semen, pumping against what I thought was her gspot for a good minute to make prolong the pleasure. This set her off again and she screamed, shuddering one more time in another climax. 

Getting a little too old for public sex and it was crazy but I loved every minute of it. So if you’re a nice attractive lady working around town, you just might be able to meet a new friend and destress together like I did. 😉

Foreign Talent

With the influx of foreign talent in our little country, there has been many complaints.

But we should look on the bright side too. If you ever wanted to try someone from America, Europe, China, Taiwan they are all here now lol. Although it did freak me out a little when I was just being friendly making small talk with this hot younger FT guy in a club. My girlfriends went to dance while I prefer to drink and talk – sign of maturity (old age). After awhile his gaze at me got really intense and I started wondering “fuck is he gay”?

So, I decided to take a walk. But he really was hot, the kind of blue eyed Swedish young man a girl might want to milk dry. However, being perfectly straight I did not avail myself of the opportunity. The girls did rib me about that for quite awhile after though.

The borderless feature of instant messaging apps are a great help nowadays too. If you’re shy and don’t dare to talk to girls, thus creating a potentially dangerous situation of a life without sex or visiting KTVs to get some release, you can try these apps. A hot little Asian girl buzzed me one day and we got to talking. She got forward pretty quickly (I love it when girls know what they want) and I started to fast forward our friendship too.

This post is sort of dedicated to her. Its my first pic for you all so I hope you enjoy viewing her as much as I did. Absolutely gorgeous. I lost count of the number of times she squirted on my crotch as we grinded before filling her to the brim as we came together. I would write more but its time to change the sheets!



Keep cumming.

Office Fantasy

Some people have a fantasy of screwing your hot colleague or vendor , whether its a guy or girl. That’s more common in Korea but not in some countries, as the saying goes – don’t shit where you eat.

There are two vivid instances which I remember. One was with an ex colleague after a group of us went out for a few drinks. We always hit it off well and ended up kissing outside her house that night. The taste of her lips, her eager tongue swirling in my mouth surprised me.. I was having a huge erection and tried to avoid letting her know by not pressing up against her. But after awhile we just gave up and were grinding and frenching each other enjoying the kiss. Whew!

The second was more taboo. Back then, I was dealing with this lady in the same office building whose company provided services to ours. Mutual flirting occurred over time and we ended up having sex everywhere in her office. It was one of the best sex experiences ever. I could not control myself the first time we had sex, it wasn’t that she was tight. Its just that she has a pussy that will make you want to cum because it feels so good inside. That first time we did it, I filled her willing pussy to the brim three times in quick succession. Its impossible to control when she was whispering in my ear in Mandarin “fa jing qu ba”. In English that means “just shoot it into me baby”. The subsequent times we met up, I got better controlling and we had much longer fuck amazing sessions together. She gets wet very quickly from just fingering or licking and it was always a joy to sink my cock deep into her wet and welcoming pussy. It helped that she was open and willing to try or do anything as we were pretty comfortable together, and she gave the most amazing blowjobs. Her sweet little mouth and tongue never failed to make me erupt like Mount Vesuvius. Of course, I was happy to always reciprocate and we always enjoyed making each other taste our own cum after.

But all good things have to come to an end. Our last session was raw and a little emotional as we were moving on to other areas. We had a wonderful sex session without a condom and I truly enjoyed feeling her cum while grinding on top of me, before pumping all my sperm deep inside her. I miss her out of the world blowjobs and that pussy that never fails to make me cum especially in doggy style. Never got to control myself in that position with her.

Well, those of you who always say its hard to find a girlfriend, just get out there and start learning how to date because single, beautiful, great, intelligent and fun women are out there!

The Korean experience

Being busy at work most of the time, I recently started watching Korean movies on Funshion to destress and they turned out to be surprising entertaining. A big number surprising turned out to be scandalous movies involving college professors dating students, women dating multiple men, men dating multiple women, you get the idea. Is Korean culture really that happening, or are they just a horny country?

I guess, more importantly, it is best to get the knowledge firsthand. And so I decided to interrogate a Korean friend Heejung, who stays in Singapore. We had met several years ago and kept in touch on and off as good friends, so we arranged to meet at her place and catch up. The door was unlocked when I arrived and I let myself in. She was in the room surfing the computer, wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. I walked behind her, covering her eyes from behind, “guess who?” I whispered. “John! Don’t do that you could give someone a heart attack!” she shrieked. She turned around and l smiled inwardly, remembering our first time meeting which ended up in her giving me an mouth watering blowjob and riding me until we collapsed from exhaustion.

After coffee and the usual catch up, I got down to business. “Hey Heejung, it seems from Korean movies that Koreans are really horny. Is that true?” She laughed and replied, “Don’t believe everything you see in the movies!”, while her hands wandered over my crotch and started circling. “Hey? You’re not helping my impression haha, looks like it is true afterall…” as I pulled her close and cupped her breasts. She smiled and did not reply immediately but got down on her knees, unzipping my bermudas. My cock sprang out, pointing straight at her. She gripped my stiff rod with one hand and started pumping slowly. “You don’t need to watch those Korean movies, isn’t experiencing it better?” She asked, before sliding my dick smoothly into her mouth. “You’re not even trying to correct the image of your country Heejung!” I almost doubled over laughing when she proceeded to whip the tip of my dick on her tongue and wink at me. I moaned and pushed my dick further back into her mouth, it seemed to have grown even harder with her blowjob, I guess the fantasy of having her hot Korean mouth on me again after so long was causing that.

“Ummm.. umm”  she hummed with my dick in her mouth. She sucked me slowly, stroking my dick at the same time while eyeing me all the while. My dick was hard and throbbing by now, so I got her up and pulled her shorts off. “No panties underneath? Is that how you greet a guest?” I asked. Before Heejung could reply, I pulled her back on the couch sitting  on me and slid my dick back and forth against her pussy, making sure the throbbing head rubbed against her clit each time. She gasped and leaned in for a kiss which I gladly complied. Our tongues savoured and fought in each others mouth while her hips continued to move her clit back and forth on my dick. By now, her pussy was very wet, I angled upwards and pushed my dick slowly into her pussy, stretching her as I entered. “Ahhh.. that feels good John..” she moaned. I hugged her tightly and continued the slow pace, reacquainting ourselves with each other as we continued kissing and pumping my cock slowly in and out of her. “Oh, oh, oh, don’t stop John, fuck me please…” she gasped as the deliberate slow pace started to take its toll on her. I was so turned on by her eagerness and pushed deeper, speeding up the pace and ensuring my cock head hit her gspot with each thrust. Her eyes closed and she started grinding on my dick, making sure the head was rubbing her gspot constantly. I knew that this would give her a great orgasm and held on as long as I could while she grinded back and forth, until she cried out and I felt a gush on her warm juices flow onto my crotch. I could not hold back any longer and let loose, spurting deep inside and enjoying the sensation together as shot after shot of cum poured into her.

I concluded that I need to visit Korea one day.

Monday Night Video!

Hi folks!

A video to perk up your week and get you in the mood! 😉


What I like

I idly wonder from time to time what is it about Singaporean girls that men like so much. One example is a friend who came here from Europe to work and has since sworn off European girls. Its like once you go Asian, you’ll never go back! On the other hand whenever I bring him to clubs with a more Chinese clientele, he sticks out like a sore thumb. The really amusing part is watching the ladies making a beeline over to our table to chat as a white guy in a Chinese club is rare and fun.

While many are still going crazy over Thai girls after nearly a decade, I personally love the local ladies.

We shall call this one C. She was a petite young thing whom I got to know online previously. With long black hair, fair skin and big eyes, she was the atypical Singaporean girl which many guys like to look at. Not every girl online is fat and ugly guys lol. They are probably more worried about the guy looking like that! Dinner was a lighthearted affair, C was a little shy as she was not the type to meet up with strangers and I don’t usually come out to meet people online either (that changed with the advent of sex blogs though 😉 ). As to why we agreed to meet that day neither of us asked and we will never know. The night passed pretty ok despite the initial awkwardness of two totally unconnected people coming together for the first time because we knew deep down what both of us were there for.

There was no need for further preamble, verbalised intentions or signals. Eventually dinner ended and so did we, up in Hotel 81 Chinatown. As we travelled up the lift and walked to the room, I was growing hard with anticipation. C looked better than ever close up and I mentally reminded myself to calm down and enjoy the night. We took turns to wash up with C showering after me. When C stepped out from the shower, I grinned. She was wrapped only in a towel and I knew that we were definitely going to have a good time. A girl truly after my own heart!

C then looked up at me and smiled shyly. She had revealed earlier that this was her first time meeting up with a stranger and I was going to give her the best sexperience possible. I gathered her into my arms, still wrapped in the damp towel. A kiss followed as we found each others lips, probing and tasting and the kiss grew deeper. Now I absolutely love foreplay and the taste of a lady. C was losing herself as we tongued each other and let her towel drop. My hands started autoroaming upon this invitation… feeling her back and moving to the small of her waist. C began moaning into my mouth as I began stroking the sides of her breasts and cupping them, fondling them gently while letting her get used to my touch. Her hand reached down into my pants and gripped my now very hard cock. For a petite girl she certainly had a firm grip on what she wanted!

We both kind of lost it at this point and tumbled onto the bed. C was jerking my cock frantically while I was on top of her, kissing all over, licking and sucking her small perky breasts with nipples now as hard as pebbles. She whined when I stopped but soon became silent as I started licking her pussy. My tongue darted in and out, painted circles round her clit and I would suck it from time to time while C’s legs began jerking. Without warning, I began rubbing her slit while still licking her. The naughty girl got even wetter from this as I could see juice begin to leak out of her pussy. By now my the tip of my cock was wet with precum and we were both ready to fuck.

I positioned C on top of me, expecting her to go slowly. To my delightful surprise, she lowered herself onto my sword in one swift motion and started bouncing up and down off me. Watching this small girl impaling herself on me turned me on even more and I gripped her hips and began moving with her. Perhaps it was because she was so wet and aroused, so my penis pistoned in and out of her easily without any discomfort for both of us. We switched to doggy and missionary as I revelled at the excitement of screwing someone I had just met. C’s eyes were rolled back by now and her legs were wrapped around me, pulling my cock deeper, encouraging me while she lay back also enjoying the feeling and sounds of our fucking. Alas all good things must come to an end as I felt the cum building up. C did nothing to stop me as I began to pump her faster, determined to let her feel it as I came hard, sliding deep into her as I spurted. When we managed to catch our breaths, she licked the tip of my cock while stroking it and said, “I haven’t had so much fun in awhile, we should do this again soon…”

Singapore girls are definitely to be very loved 😉

The Office

Have you ever done a colleague? Knowing she dresses up daily to catch your eye, plunging cleavage sometimes and subtle covered  curves at others,  the stifled moans and sounds of hurried sex at the staircase ending with her juices all over you and your cum deep in her. Most Grade A buildings have handicapped toilets too  or few people left working late at night, with just you and her left over the office desks pounding off the stressful day. Sometimes it can be almost too much to take 😉



It’s all ’bout the money

I have found the holy grail! Just kidding.

I have found my path to wealth. It took years, lots of time and money but I’m glad to have finally found something that works and more importantly something I’m willing to commit to. Business or investing is never easy as those who have done it can attest to. But the bigger fear is to be an employee drone for the rest of my life and not act on any of my dreams.

To the initial people who believed in my vision and  supported me greatly in the first step of additional capital and more to pursue this path, I only hope to repay them with the best wealth can buy. The journey is long yet, but we will get there.

To all those chasing their dreams too, never give up. Keep hitting at it until you find what works for you.

Carpe diem!