Liquid Ecstasy

It’s all ’bout the money

I have found the holy grail! Just kidding.

I have found my path to wealth. It took years, lots of time and money but I’m glad to have finally found something that works and more importantly something I’m willing to commit to. Business or investing is never easy as those who have done it can attest to. But the bigger fear is to be an employee drone for the rest of my life and not act on any of my dreams.

To the initial people who believed in my vision and  supported me greatly in the first step of additional capital and more to pursue this path, I only hope to repay them with the best wealth can buy. The journey is long yet, but we will get there.

To all those chasing their dreams too, never give up. Keep hitting at it until you find what works for you.

Carpe diem!


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