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What I like

I idly wonder from time to time what is it about Singaporean girls that men like so much. One example is a friend who came here from Europe to work and has since sworn off European girls. Its like once you go Asian, you’ll never go back! On the other hand whenever I bring him to clubs with a more Chinese clientele, he sticks out like a sore thumb. The really amusing part is watching the ladies making a beeline over to our table to chat as a white guy in a Chinese club is rare and fun.

While many are still going crazy over Thai girls after nearly a decade, I personally love the local ladies.

We shall call this one C. She was a petite young thing whom I got to know online previously. With long black hair, fair skin and big eyes, she was the atypical Singaporean girl which many guys like to look at. Not every girl online is fat and ugly guys lol. They are probably more worried about the guy looking like that! Dinner was a lighthearted affair, C was a little shy as she was not the type to meet up with strangers and I don’t usually come out to meet people online either (that changed with the advent of sex blogs though 😉 ). As to why we agreed to meet that day neither of us asked and we will never know. The night passed pretty ok despite the initial awkwardness of two totally unconnected people coming together for the first time because we knew deep down what both of us were there for.

There was no need for further preamble, verbalised intentions or signals. Eventually dinner ended and so did we, up in Hotel 81 Chinatown. As we travelled up the lift and walked to the room, I was growing hard with anticipation. C looked better than ever close up and I mentally reminded myself to calm down and enjoy the night. We took turns to wash up with C showering after me. When C stepped out from the shower, I grinned. She was wrapped only in a towel and I knew that we were definitely going to have a good time. A girl truly after my own heart!

C then looked up at me and smiled shyly. She had revealed earlier that this was her first time meeting up with a stranger and I was going to give her the best sexperience possible. I gathered her into my arms, still wrapped in the damp towel. A kiss followed as we found each others lips, probing and tasting and the kiss grew deeper. Now I absolutely love foreplay and the taste of a lady. C was losing herself as we tongued each other and let her towel drop. My hands started autoroaming upon this invitation… feeling her back and moving to the small of her waist. C began moaning into my mouth as I began stroking the sides of her breasts and cupping them, fondling them gently while letting her get used to my touch. Her hand reached down into my pants and gripped my now very hard cock. For a petite girl she certainly had a firm grip on what she wanted!

We both kind of lost it at this point and tumbled onto the bed. C was jerking my cock frantically while I was on top of her, kissing all over, licking and sucking her small perky breasts with nipples now as hard as pebbles. She whined when I stopped but soon became silent as I started licking her pussy. My tongue darted in and out, painted circles round her clit and I would suck it from time to time while C’s legs began jerking. Without warning, I began rubbing her slit while still licking her. The naughty girl got even wetter from this as I could see juice begin to leak out of her pussy. By now my the tip of my cock was wet with precum and we were both ready to fuck.

I positioned C on top of me, expecting her to go slowly. To my delightful surprise, she lowered herself onto my sword in one swift motion and started bouncing up and down off me. Watching this small girl impaling herself on me turned me on even more and I gripped her hips and began moving with her. Perhaps it was because she was so wet and aroused, so my penis pistoned in and out of her easily without any discomfort for both of us. We switched to doggy and missionary as I revelled at the excitement of screwing someone I had just met. C’s eyes were rolled back by now and her legs were wrapped around me, pulling my cock deeper, encouraging me while she lay back also enjoying the feeling and sounds of our fucking. Alas all good things must come to an end as I felt the cum building up. C did nothing to stop me as I began to pump her faster, determined to let her feel it as I came hard, sliding deep into her as I spurted. When we managed to catch our breaths, she licked the tip of my cock while stroking it and said, “I haven’t had so much fun in awhile, we should do this again soon…”

Singapore girls are definitely to be very loved 😉


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  1. * vj says:

    sounded like another s** exxperience. write something new… havent read u up for a long time. Chking u out.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago
  2. * vj says:

    mm.. I kill my blog didnt felt like writing. Did lot of new exposure gain some new knowledge. Wrap up my past & reviewed myself…had a change of mental state. Im gd. if u remb… I mention to eat ben&jerry when unhappy…

    name kk
    nick aka violetjade

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago
  3. * Ang Moh says:

    fake story. well-written, but fake.

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 12 months ago
    • * LE says:

      Hi Ang Moh,

      Thanks for the comment lol.

      | Reply Posted 5 years, 9 months ago

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