Liquid Ecstasy

Office Fantasy

Some people have a fantasy of screwing your hot colleague or vendor , whether its a guy or girl. That’s more common in Korea but not in some countries, as the saying goes – don’t shit where you eat.

There are two vivid instances which I remember. One was with an ex colleague after a group of us went out for a few drinks. We always hit it off well and ended up kissing outside her house that night. The taste of her lips, her eager tongue swirling in my mouth surprised me.. I was having a huge erection and tried to avoid letting her know by not pressing up against her. But after awhile we just gave up and were grinding and frenching each other enjoying the kiss. Whew!

The second was more taboo. Back then, I was dealing with this lady in the same office building whose company provided services to ours. Mutual flirting occurred over time and we ended up having sex everywhere in her office. It was one of the best sex experiences ever. I could not control myself the first time we had sex, it wasn’t that she was tight. Its just that she has a pussy that will make you want to cum because it feels so good inside. That first time we did it, I filled her willing pussy to the brim three times in quick succession. Its impossible to control when she was whispering in my ear in Mandarin “fa jing qu ba”. In English that means “just shoot it into me baby”. The subsequent times we met up, I got better controlling and we had much longer fuck amazing sessions together. She gets wet very quickly from just fingering or licking and it was always a joy to sink my cock deep into her wet and welcoming pussy. It helped that she was open and willing to try or do anything as we were pretty comfortable together, and she gave the most amazing blowjobs. Her sweet little mouth and tongue never failed to make me erupt like Mount Vesuvius. Of course, I was happy to always reciprocate and we always enjoyed making each other taste our own cum after.

But all good things have to come to an end. Our last session was raw and a little emotional as we were moving on to other areas. We had a wonderful sex session without a condom and I truly enjoyed feeling her cum while grinding on top of me, before pumping all my sperm deep inside her. I miss her out of the world blowjobs and that pussy that never fails to make me cum especially in doggy style. Never got to control myself in that position with her.

Well, those of you who always say its hard to find a girlfriend, just get out there and start learning how to date because single, beautiful, great, intelligent and fun women are out there!


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  1. * Careless says:

    Nice story! 😉

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 8 months ago
  2. * LE says:

    Thank you Careless x You keep writing too!

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 6 months ago

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