Liquid Ecstasy

New friends at Raffles Place

As one of the countless corporate drones working around Raffles place, it helps that there are many attractive girls and OLs around. I like to people watch and there are few things like watching beautiful ladies pass by to ease the boredom. One such girl was Chan, a client from an ex company. She was from Thailand, well educated, soft spoken and had a nice smile. After getting to know her, I could guess why Singapore guys like dating or marrying Thai girls but Chan was somewhat different, perhaps she was more localised after working in banking here for some time. 

We met during a roadshow, I love pretty girls who have an interest in finance as sometimes the guys are nasty bastards. In fact during a meeting in my current job, I had to hide a grin when a senior management client said retail consumers are a nasty bunch. I totally agree, Singaporeans are really fuckers, we expect exceptional service while being horrible clients.

Anyway, it wasn’t long before I texted Chan to meet up for lunches or coffee and she slowly opened up in more ways then one. Our lunches ended up getting shorter while the post lunch got hotter. Being familiar with the area, we started having sex in the car, carpark, building stairways or after work if there was no time. Our first time was particularly hot and sweaty, we ended up in the car’s driver’s seat with her dress rumpled up around her waist while I frantically tore her panties aside. In the midst of sloppy french kisses, Chan was panting quick little breaths as my cock slid back and forth against her bare pussy. We knew we didn’t have much time and were in a hurry to satisfy our urges.

“Put it in…hurry…I need to get back to work” Chan gasped as the tip of my cock rubbed upwards against her clit yet again, sending shivers as she hugged me tighter. Her juices had coated me totally and I was enjoying the sensation of her pussy entrance getting wetter by the minute. But it was our first time I and doubted I could last long on top with the public excitement.

Without warning, I placed the tip of my cock at her pussy and pushed inside in one motion. Chan’s eyes widened while she bit me to muffle a scream, I groaned and tried to think of work documents to last longer as it felt too good. I began moving my hips with Chan on top and holding on to my neck, pumping in and out of her in short strokes due to the restricted space.

“Ahh.. your cock is so hard” Chan moaned. If it was even possible, her pussy began to get wetter and started to drip down my crotch as we began fucking in earnest.

I lowered the seat so that she could get more comfortable and Chan collapsed on me while her hips continued grinding against my cock. There was no choice but to finish quickly before someone drove or walked by too and we both knew it. With the new position, I started thrusting into Chan with longer strokes and it wasn’t long before I felt my peak approaching. She was moaning louder now and I was sure the car was rocking so hard somebody would come to investigate too. However, I was determined our first time should end happily and tried to hang in there so we both panted, kissed and fucked like bunnies until she shuddered and clamped around me. Beyond my limit by then as well, I drove my cock deep inside Chan and spurted wave after wave of semen, pumping against what I thought was her gspot for a good minute to make prolong the pleasure. This set her off again and she screamed, shuddering one more time in another climax. 

Getting a little too old for public sex and it was crazy but I loved every minute of it. So if you’re a nice attractive lady working around town, you just might be able to meet a new friend and destress together like I did. 😉


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