Liquid Ecstasy

Quick story: Cute Japanese waitress

Went to eat again at a nice new ramen place I found recently. The waitresses there are nice and friendly, especially one who was a real Japanese and boy is she cute! You don’t get many of those in Singapore.

After eating there a few times and flirting with her, I asked her out for a movie after her shift ended. She changed into a nice translucent tee and short flowy skirt. We ended up at her place making out. I suppose she was horny too as she unzipped my pants the moment we stepped in the door to quickly reveal my hard cock. 

In no time she was stroking and sucking it, making my precum flow freely. What a girl! I would shoot if she continued due to the amazing sudden blowjob and quickly pulled her on top of me. She was already wet by then too and I went in without much difficulty. The sex was hot, dirty and messy as we fucked and kissed with abandon. All too soon, she was moaning and creaming around my cock, grinding on top of me as she came so that my head rubbed against her gspot constantly. That was enough to set me off too and I didn’t hold back, grabbing her waist and cumming deep into her as well. But I pulled out halfway and the rest squirted all over her as she squealed and jerked my cock to make sure everything came out. 

I will certainly be back to eat more ramen there.

I like hot dirty sex like that, do you? Drop a comment or email if you do!


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  1. * joze says:

    where the ramen place u say about ?
    is the food nice ?

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 3 months ago
    • * LE says:

      Hey Joze, can’t reveal it because that would reveal her identity. But the food is not bad too.

      | Reply Posted 5 years, 3 months ago

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