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The Korean experience

Being busy at work most of the time, I recently started watching Korean movies on Funshion to destress and they turned out to be surprising entertaining. A big number surprising turned out to be scandalous movies involving college professors dating students, women dating multiple men, men dating multiple women, you get the idea. Is Korean culture really that happening, or are they just a horny country?

I guess, more importantly, it is best to get the knowledge firsthand. And so I decided to interrogate a Korean friend Heejung, who stays in Singapore. We had met several years ago and kept in touch on and off as good friends, so we arranged to meet at her place and catch up. The door was unlocked when I arrived and I let myself in. She was in the room surfing the computer, wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. I walked behind her, covering her eyes from behind, “guess who?” I whispered. “John! Don’t do that you could give someone a heart attack!” she shrieked. She turned around and l smiled inwardly, remembering our first time meeting which ended up in her giving me an mouth watering blowjob and riding me until we collapsed from exhaustion.

After coffee and the usual catch up, I got down to business. “Hey Heejung, it seems from Korean movies that Koreans are really horny. Is that true?” She laughed and replied, “Don’t believe everything you see in the movies!”, while her hands wandered over my crotch and started circling. “Hey? You’re not helping my impression haha, looks like it is true afterall…” as I pulled her close and cupped her breasts. She smiled and did not reply immediately but got down on her knees, unzipping my bermudas. My cock sprang out, pointing straight at her. She gripped my stiff rod with one hand and started pumping slowly. “You don’t need to watch those Korean movies, isn’t experiencing it better?” She asked, before sliding my dick smoothly into her mouth. “You’re not even trying to correct the image of your country Heejung!” I almost doubled over laughing when she proceeded to whip the tip of my dick on her tongue and wink at me. I moaned and pushed my dick further back into her mouth, it seemed to have grown even harder with her blowjob, I guess the fantasy of having her hot Korean mouth on me again after so long was causing that.

“Ummm.. umm”  she hummed with my dick in her mouth. She sucked me slowly, stroking my dick at the same time while eyeing me all the while. My dick was hard and throbbing by now, so I got her up and pulled her shorts off. “No panties underneath? Is that how you greet a guest?” I asked. Before Heejung could reply, I pulled her back on the couch sitting  on me and slid my dick back and forth against her pussy, making sure the throbbing head rubbed against her clit each time. She gasped and leaned in for a kiss which I gladly complied. Our tongues savoured and fought in each others mouth while her hips continued to move her clit back and forth on my dick. By now, her pussy was very wet, I angled upwards and pushed my dick slowly into her pussy, stretching her as I entered. “Ahhh.. that feels good John..” she moaned. I hugged her tightly and continued the slow pace, reacquainting ourselves with each other as we continued kissing and pumping my cock slowly in and out of her. “Oh, oh, oh, don’t stop John, fuck me please…” she gasped as the deliberate slow pace started to take its toll on her. I was so turned on by her eagerness and pushed deeper, speeding up the pace and ensuring my cock head hit her gspot with each thrust. Her eyes closed and she started grinding on my dick, making sure the head was rubbing her gspot constantly. I knew that this would give her a great orgasm and held on as long as I could while she grinded back and forth, until she cried out and I felt a gush on her warm juices flow onto my crotch. I could not hold back any longer and let loose, spurting deep inside and enjoying the sensation together as shot after shot of cum poured into her.

I concluded that I need to visit Korea one day.


Hello there.

Haven’t written for quite awhile so lets start afresh. Abstinence isn’t really working well for me, what you can’t have definitely makes you want to have it even more. So perhaps I’ll get laid, have dinner and head out to Zouk. Happy Saturday to you too!