Liquid Ecstasy

Foreign Talent

With the influx of foreign talent in our little country, there has been many complaints.

But we should look on the bright side too. If you ever wanted to try someone from America, Europe, China, Taiwan they are all here now lol. Although it did freak me out a little when I was just being friendly making small talk with this hot younger FT guy in a club. My girlfriends went to dance while I prefer to drink and talk – sign of maturity (old age). After awhile his gaze at me got really intense and I started wondering “fuck is he gay”?

So, I decided to take a walk. But he really was hot, the kind of blue eyed Swedish young man a girl might want to milk dry. However, being perfectly straight I did not avail myself of the opportunity. The girls did rib me about that for quite awhile after though.

The borderless feature of instant messaging apps are a great help nowadays too. If you’re shy and don’t dare to talk to girls, thus creating a potentially dangerous situation of a life without sex or visiting KTVs to get some release, you can try these apps. A hot little Asian girl buzzed me one day and we got to talking. She got forward pretty quickly (I love it when girls know what they want) and I started to fast forward our friendship too.

This post is sort of dedicated to her. Its my first pic for you all so I hope you enjoy viewing her as much as I did. Absolutely gorgeous. I lost count of the number of times she squirted on my crotch as we grinded before filling her to the brim as we came together. I would write more but its time to change the sheets!



Keep cumming.