Liquid Ecstasy

Short Humor

Recently, I was chatting with a girlfriend who wanted to get out of a bad marriage. Her husband is always jealous and accusing her of seeing other men. His rationale is that there are men who love seducing married women. This irritates her to no end.

My reply was that its kinda true but men love women, not just married women. Her take was that even if there is seduction, its normal between men and women. Dangerous girl lol! This is an excerpt of the conversation that cracked me up.

Ecstasy: “Be careful your husband won’t let you go by poking holes in the condom and giving you lots of kids.”

She replied, “I don’t care. I inserted an IUD he will have no chance for the next 5 years. Hahaha.”

“Fuck too much info sis!”

On the bright side if she does have admirers the chosen one will have a spanking good time without having to use a condom 😉 Happy Wednesday!


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